360 Creative Innovation Hub

360 Creative Innovation Hub is a coworking startup studio offering support, promotion and inspiration to independent fashion designers through community, collaboration and co-sewing. We are bringing together creatives and fashion entrepreneurs who are passionate about design.

We are a co-working space that gives fashion entrepreneurs, access to their own private space and an opportunity to collaborate and create with other like-minds.

Our co-sewing space helps you find inspiration and to create your own designs with access to sewing machines and workshop tools at your disposal.

The 360 Creative Hub provides a platform for brands and fashion-focused individuals to come together to create, collaborate and successfully achieve their dreams.


Our mission is to create an enabling environment for fashion designers to create, innovate and collaborate.


Creating a platform that makes fashion business easy, breaking the barriers to entry in the fashion sector and birthing internationally recognised fashion brands.

Get Together, Get Creative


At the 360 Creative Hub, our mantra is know-one knows it all, so we want to build a community where everyone can learn and build together.


We want to create a space where like minds form relationships in a community with shared missions, visions and goals


We believe that strong communities breed success and can be measured individually as much as it can be measured collectively