Fashion Series -

Turning Creativity into Revenue

The Business of Fashion Series is a platform created by 360 Creative hub  will be hosting  series of Creativity and Business of Fashion Workshops aimed at providing local fashion designers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to turn their creativity into business opportunities. This  conversations among key players in the Nigerian and International fashion industry for the exchange of ideas, networking and ultimately to develop the fashion industry.

The Nigerian Fashion Retail industry is still in infancy hence lacking in proper structure. At 360 Creative Hub, we believe that by creating an agenda of the most pressing issues experienced in the fashion industry and encouraging dialogue among thought leaders to chart the way forward, we can gradually begin to develop a semblance of structure for driving sustainable change in the industry.

Our goal is to effectively capture, engage and connect with a diverse demographic of industry players, contributors, stakeholders, fashion cognoscenti, policy makers and potential investors; using Fashion Business Series as a platform for productive engagement.