We get asked a lot of questions, these are the popular questions we feel you might need an answer to

What are the benefits of a co-working or co-sewing space?

The hub takes care of the amenities, equipment and business accommodation, so that you can focus on being creative and growing your business.

What type of people can join 360 Creative Hub?

Fashion Designers, Models, Bloggers, Photographers, Artists, Fashion Illustrators, Graphics Designers and other creatives who work in Fashion and Design.

What do you have at the Hub?

About Everything! We have a co-sewing Space for designers, Styling Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and lots of amenities and installations that will aid your creativity.

Are there membership fees?

Yes, if you are not yet a paid member of our Creative Network, you will need to pay a token as your membership fee, after which you can choose to rent and use any space at the Hubs in Surulere or Oniru that suits your needs.

Do you encourage networking?

We love it! We believe in the importance of networking and we are always eager to see meaningful collaborations come to life.

Coffee, tea or water?

We are into that too! Our Kitchen and Bar is always open, to keep your taste buds engaged!

How many outlets do you have?

We currently have two hubs in Lagos; Surulere and Oniru.

I need a fast and reliable Internet Connection, what do you offer?

Our Fiber Option Internet is always available and FREE to members.

Do you have a conference room?

Yes we have a conference room; fully equipped with the right amenities needed to make your training sessions impactful.

I have my own office space, can I still join?

Yes! We have a virtual platform that ensures that the benefits of our community are not limited to Hub Users only, learn more.

Can I bring clients or guests to the Hub?

Certainly! Our Meeting Rooms and Styling Suites are ready to host your meetings and training events.

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